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We are an independent, registered charity which provides front line support to young people and individuals experiencing disadvantage, unemployment, homelessness, poverty, sickness, disadvantage, discrimination, distress and desperate for help as well as people who suffered from natural disasters.

Interested in finding out more about GHAF and what services we offer? We are a not-for-profit International organisation specialising in providing front line support for those experiencing disadvantage, poverty and other circumstances.

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Join our International community of people who strive to make a difference in people's lives - Offering support to those who are disadvantaged by poverty or other circumstances.

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Your donation will help GHAF support the most vulnerable people in our local communities, here in Australia and Internationally.

Did You Know We Are A Registered NDIS Provider?

We specialise in providing services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Find out more about our NDIS and Allied Health care supports today.

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We offer a variety of training programs and care services that can best assist you to suit your needs.

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Empowering Communities Through Compassion

We work with people facing barriers to social and economic participation with a focus on young people, Orphaned children, newly arrived refugees, Women who are emotionally and physically distressed and people experiencing homelessness, Elderly people and provide responsive and timely intervention to open up pathways out of poverty and homelessness - breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

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Distributing bed sheets to the elderly blind people

Distributing bed sheets to the elderly blind people. Bed sheets were donated to 30 blind elders living in a blind elder home at Ambalantota in Hambantota District. Name of […]