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School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)


Graduating high school and transitioning into the real world can be an extremely exciting yet daunting change. To help you navigate the new transition, we are here to help you build your capacity and learn the skills needed to prepare for work and find a job that’s right for you.
Our supports are designed to give you the skills, knowledge, and experience to pursue your goals after school – be it long-term paid employment, volunteering, or tertiary education.
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What is SLES?

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) is a plan-specific funding item for Year 12 school leavers that are current or eligible participants with the NDIS. SLES is a program designed to help teenagers aged 16 – 19 prepare for work and gain real-world experience prior to or just after graduating high school.

What does SLES involve?

If SLES funding has been approved, school leavers will be eligible to receive support for a maximum of 2 years. These supports are varied and diverse, so long as they are focused on improving employment opportunities and work readiness. Examples of SLES activities may include:

  • Assistance finding work experience opportunities
  • Training and education
  • Key skills development:
    • Time Management
    • Travelling
    • Money Handling
    • Taking Instructions
    • Understanding Workplace Expectations

After 2 years, most participants will then transition to Disability Employment Services to receive ongoing support now that they’re out of high school and better prepared for a real-world working environment.

Why is SLES important?

The transition from school to work is a major life change for many young people. In most cases, the transition can feel even harder for people with disability. SLES funding is designed to facilitate a more proactive approach to this major transition. SLES aims to build capacity in new graduates so they have the knowledge, experience, and confidence to go out and participate in the community soon after they graduate year 12.

How do I get SLES in my NDIS plan?

To be eligible for SLES, participants must first be eligible to receive an NDIS plan. During the application process for an NDIS plan (or during the review period), you may choose to apply for SLES.

For approval to take place, this means you must establish eligibility by submitting evidence in the form of a Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA), which is usually facilitated by your school.

Why Choose Us

Finding the right carer for you or your family member starts with an experiences team of highly qualified people. GHAF staff are carefully selected and screened to ensure that clients only receive the most professional, caring, and skilled care.

Our Approach to Disability and Support

Experienced and specifically trained staff

Our carers are qualified and receive specific, ongoing disability support training to constantly update their skills, ensuring they meet the needs of each and every client.

Tailored individual support

We provide professional, quality care to meet the needs of each individual. We will work with you to ensure we create a tailored support plan that meets your needs.

Choice of caregivers

We endeavour to match our experienced in-home carers and nurses to specific clients’ requests and needs, i.e. gender/ religion/ language/ sexuality/ experience, etc.

Support designed to acheive your goals

We appreciate the individual nature of living with a disability; this drives us to ensure our disability services empower you or your loved one to pursue your goals.


We have an experienced team of Case Managers and Client Service Coordinators to support your individualised care plan and assist with all your queries and changing needs.

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