allied health services australia

Allied Health Services

Allied Health Services in Australia

Allied health care professionals work with people with disabilities using an enablement approach to improve their health, wellness and ability to engage in life activities at home, school or work place. They also provide therapeutic cure.

Allied health roles in supporting people with disabilities are summarized below Some of these roles are listed below:

  • Audiologists assess for hearing impairment and fit hearing devices.
  • Occupational therapist assess and intervene with strategies that enable people with disabilities to be as independent as possible, and to participate in meaningful self-care, leisure and productive activities in a range of home and community contexts.
  • Optometrists and orthoptists provide services for low vision
  • Podiatrists provide services promoting foot health and mobility
  • Orthotists and prosthetists prescribe devices and that promote mobility, limb function and independence
  • Physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors can assist with musculoskeletal issues
  • Exercise physiologists and physiotherapists also can provide health promoting wellness programs to develop strength, balance and prevent falls
  • Arts therapists and music therapists provide services for people experiencing dementia
  • Dietitians assess people who have nutritional needs requiring specialised nutritional support. They also advise on nutritional strategies to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes
  • Speech pathologists can assess and treat people with speech and swallowing difficulties.
  • Psychologists and appropriately trained social workers, occupational therapists can provide services for people with disabilities arising from ongoing mental illness.