Donation of necessities for deaf and blind needy elders in Hambantota

Providing dry food items to elderly blind and poor families

There are many underprivileged people in the cities of Kotte, Homagama & Hokandara that located near Colombo, The Commercial Capital of Sri Lanka. Among them, elderly blind people are struggling very hard to be alive. Who is going to show humanity to them? 13 of those families in Veyangoda, Biyagama, Dehiwala, Dematagoda, Homagama & Kotte were distributed food & money on 23rd November 2023. Also, a few elderly blind families were founded in the rural areas of Palapotha, Sitinamaluwa, Goda Udakanda, Kondeniya, Vediyagama, Valira& Vadigala in Hambantota district.

The public in these rural areas, even their lives are not much different to our opinioned population, elderly blind people are kind enough to look after them. We wholeheartedly appreciate public support for these blind people. Despite the fact of tough lives with their blindness, it’s much more challenging to live in poverty. It shocked us because there wasn’t even a properly maintained road leading to the villages. We distributed food & money to 13 elderly blind families in these areas on 23rd November 2023.

Whereas 14 senior blind males, 14 senior blind females & 2 caregivers were given bed sheets in Ambalantota Elderly blind house in Hambantota district on 23rd November 2023.

Name of Event

Distributing Essential Food, Clothes to Deaf and Blind Peoples Matara & Hambantota


Matara & Hambantota