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Global Humanitarian Aid Foundation in Action for social cause at Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was a developing country but then never was an economically low situation as it is today. The country was affected by the covid pandemic and also economic instability. The country started to economically deteriorate very rapidly. The country suffered economically and socially and fell to very economic levels. People simply found it impossible to provide themselves with the necessary food, clothes, medicines, books, and other necessities to live.

The country’s agricultural situation also dropped to unprecedented levels. There was an acute shortage of gas and electricity and with that, the cost of living too rose sky-high and the country reached a very high inflation level some people take; business organizations closed their businesses and people earning daily wages lost their livelihoods. People couldn’t pay their house rent and were thrown onto the road. There were no sanitary facilities or wheelchairs for the disabled and the people faced immense economic difficulties.

Due to this, not only people in rural areas but in urban areas faced innumerable problems. People who are startled are protesting on the roads. There are people who take only one meal a day and are reduced to penury. The school children are not given even a glass of milk by their parents and as a result many faints while in school. There is a severe shortage of milk, and food and malnutrition have rapidly risen.

As there was a severe shortage of medicine in the hospitals’ many patients died. There is no medicine for cardiology or cancer patients. The patients getting treatments in the hospitals and the patients who come from far must buy medicine at a huge cost from outside due to the dearth of medicine in the hospitals. All the patients especially kidney patients suffer immensely due to this situation. The people’s wants are innumerable.

The whole country is devastated, we have only human lives to save. This is the time we need international help urgently. We can only save the country through foreign help. There will be a terrible calamity if they cannot be helped now. What we can see all around is human suffering in worse forms. Children do not have proper clothing or schoolbooks, and many have stopped schooling. They are unable to pay at least the daily bus fare.

In certain areas, there is a severe shortage of water, and they must buy water at Rs 4/- per litre. Priests at the temple are starving. People cut one piece of soap into four for parted use. People don’t know how to face the next day. People sell all that they must survive. People suffer from depression, and this has led to an increase in road accidents. If some programs can be undertaken to provide necessary medicine at least for concerned patients, many lives can be saved. Not even paracetamol is available for a needy person.

There is a severe shortage of food in government hospitals. Even in children ‘s hospitals, there are many shortages. Even in religious places, it is impossible to provide alms. In children’s homes, elders’ homes, and in deaf, and blind schools not only food and medicine even other essentials like bedsheets, towels, sanitary items like soap, washing powder, toothpaste, and underclothes are in very short supply. Children studying using the brail system are also suffering.

Day by day this pathetic situation is increasing, and it is heartrending, and no one knows what to do aboutit. People are sometimesforced to snatch food from others to satisfy their hunger. Many people are in utter despair. Your help at this stage is most welcome. Thank you for reading this and understanding our plight your kind help is much appreciated.

Undoubtedly your Participation is our survival!

Global Humanitarian Aid Foundation (GHAF) which is an Australian-based NGO, operating at 229, Broadway, Reservoir aims to support the broader community with a growing range of welfare assistance, education, and support programs and to focus on long-term development. Our mission is to build a safe environment where families and communities can thrive. GHAF works hard to improve the health of families in poor communities who are facing a humanitarian crisis, people living with a disability, people experiencing domestic violence, youth support, people experiencing mental health issues, and the elderly.

According to the mission and vision of the company, GHAF presented a project in Sri Lanka to help Sri Lankans to pull their lives back together throughout this humanitarian crisis and avoid the worse.

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To read more about Sri Lanka, click here to download the News Paper Article.

To read more about Sri Lanka, click here to download the News Paper Article.

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