Support Coordination

Support Coordination

NDIS Support Coordination is a service that supports NDIS participants to get the most out of their support plans. We give you choice and control over the disability supports and services you access. We work closely with you and your family or carers to find the most effective way to achieve the goals in your NDIS plan.
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What is support coordination?

Support coordination helps you to make the best use of your support in the plan. Support coordination is a capacity-building support that helps you to:

  • Understand and use your NDIS plan to pursue your goals
  • Connect you with NDIS providers, community, mainstream, and other government services
  • Build your confidence and skills to use and coordinate your supports.

A support coordinator or specialist support coordinator delivers support coordination services.
There are three levels of support coordination that can be included in your plan:

  • Support connection – This support is to build your ability to connect with informal, community, and funded supports enabling you to get the most out of your plan and pursue your goals.
  • Support coordination – coordination of supports: This support will assist you to build the skills you need to understand and use your plan. A support coordinator will work with you to ensure a mix of supports is used to increase your capacity to maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks, live more independently, and be included in your community.
  • Specialist support coordination – This is a higher level of support coordination. It is for people whose situations are more complex and who need specialist support. A specialist Support Coordinator will assist you to manage challenges in your support environment and ensure consistent delivery of service.

Why Choose Us

Finding the right carer for you or your family member starts with an experiences team of highly qualified people. GHAF staff are carefully selected and screened to ensure that clients only receive the most professional, caring, and skilled care.

Our Approach to Disability and Support

Experienced and specifically trained staff

Our carers are qualified and receive specific, ongoing disability support training to constantly update their skills, ensuring they meet the needs of each and every client.

Tailored individual support

We provide professional, quality care to meet the needs of each individual. We will work with you to ensure we create a tailored support plan that meets your needs.

Choice of caregivers

We endeavour to match our experienced in-home carers and nurses to specific clients’ requests and needs, i.e. gender/ religion/ language/ sexuality/ experience, etc.

Support designed to acheive your goals

We appreciate the individual nature of living with a disability; this drives us to ensure our disability services empower you or your loved one to pursue your goals.


We have an experienced team of Case Managers and Client Service Coordinators to support your individualised care plan and assist with all your queries and changing needs.

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