Beherasahi Slum, Bhubaneswar
November 18, 2022
Ruchika Childline, Oldtown:
November 18, 2022
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Kadaligoddam Slum, Bubaneswar

Amid covid-19 pandemic, people had spent a long period of time in quarantine. For which the mental health of the kids was highly affected. So realising this issue Global Humanitarian Aid Foundation had taken a significant step to ensure good mental health among the kids in the slum. And we have distributed several items of indoor, and outdoor sports equipment among 300 kids at Kadaligoddam Slum; which is the biggest slum in the city.
In this event, many renowned personalities joined us in this program, like Women and Child Development advisor Sulata Deo, and Mission Shakti Commissioner Smt. Lopamudra Buxipatra, Mental health councilor Dr. Sunita Pattanayak and the renowned child activist Dr. Sujata Nayak. Not only the delegates but also a huge media coverage was done for our good work.