financial aid to indigenous Australians

Financial Aid for Indigenous Australians

Financial Aid for Indigenous Australians

Global Humanitarian Aid Foundation (GHAF) offers financial aid for Indigenous Australians who are unable to find the means to pay for food, water, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, and other life essentials or necessary services. Our independent and registered charity offers means-tested financial assistance for Indigenous Australians that will come as monthly shortfall grants and contributions for one-time expenses. Our goal for providing financial aid for Indigenous Australians is to assist them in facing challenges of disadvantage. GHAF will provide financial assistance for Indigenous people of Australia who are experiencing disadvantage because of poverty, unemployment, bankruptcy, domestic violence, neglect, abandonment, disability, illness, persecution, discrimination, harassment, natural disaster, or accident.

We here at GHAF respect, uphold, and protect the rights of Indigenous Australians. We strongly believe that all individuals have the fundamental rights to life, food, shelter, health, education, protection, and freedom. No matter the individual’s race, ethnicity, nationality, language, religion, sexual orientation, or any other status, everyone is entitled to these rights as humans. These inalienable rights are the main reasons why GHAF provides financial aid for Indigenous Australians. With us, Indigenous people of Australia will have better opportunities to live a life of their choosing; buy food, water, clothing, and shelter; pay for healthcare and education; and gain access to banking, financial, and government services. Through GHAF financial aid, we can help Indigenous Australians live happier, fuller, healthier, and more meaningful lives.

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Who Can Request Financial Aid?

The GHAF financial assistance program for Indigenous Australians is provided for individuals and families who are –

  • Neglected, deprived, or abandoned by their partners, parents, families, or carers
  • Unable to find gainful employment or access to banking or financial services because of discrimination, persecution, or harassment
  • Living with a partner or family member with a disability or illness who cannot help in providing support for daily needs
  • Experiencing poverty due to unemployment, bankruptcy, accident, or other unfortunate circumstances
  • Suffering from domestic violence and deprived of financial means
  • Living out of their home because of natural disasters, accidents, fires, and other unique circumstances
  • Separated from their partners, parents, families, and carers without the means for self-support
  • Dealing with a disability or suffering from an illness without carers
  • Needing medical assistance or allied health services without the finances
  • Living independently and unable to support themselves financially to buy daily essential needs

Are you an Indigenous Australian or know individuals who need financial aid because they are experiencing the abovementioned circumstances? Please get in touch with our team.

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How Can Indigenous Australians Request Financial Aid?

Indigenous Australians can request financial aid from GHAF through our monthly shortfall grants and contributions for one-time expenses by going through our comprehensive screening process. We have highly trained and experienced support staff who will perform the screening by collecting and analysing all pertinent information. Our team may also coordinate with local councils, law enforcement, government departments, and other organisations to gather all the necessary data. Screening interviews will be conducted by our fully qualified support staff. To make sure that we respect, uphold, and protect the rights of all Indigenous Australians, our screening process will be done discreetly and carefully.

Once the screening process deems an individual to be qualified, we will get in touch directly. Our team will meet with the individual to discuss the amount and organise the financial aid release arrangements. For monthly shortfall grants, initial aid will be provided at the soonest possible time while subsequent ones will be released on regular monthly intervals. The duration of the monthly shortfall grants will be discussed during the first meeting. Exceptional situations that may necessitate the continuation, postponement, or cancellation of financial assistance will be discussed with the individual. Contributions for one-time expenses will be provided at the earliest convenience for all parties concerned.

For more information about GHAF Financial Aid for Indigenous Australians, you can call 1800 979 699 or send an email to

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