supported disability accommodation

SDA (Supported Disability Accommodation)

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Specialist Disability Accommodation (or SDA) is available to people who need specialist housing solutions for high support needs or extreme functional impairment. SDA funding is aimed to cover any disability-related housing expenses that are above the usual costs of housing and does not refer to person-to-person support services. Funding through the NDIS is only available to a small proportion of participants with very high support needs who meet specific eligibility criteria.
Please contact us today at 1800 979 699 or email to discuss how we can provide the assistance and support you need.

What we offer

At Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) our goal is to provide modern and functional homes for those living with a disability. Our homes are all over victoria and will aim to integrate seamlessly with the greater community, with developments having a focus on accessibility to local services and amenities such as shopping, transport, and medical facilities. We feel that a strong social network is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and we aim to incorporate community spaces into our developments.

Participants eligible for SDA:

  • have an extreme functional impairment or very high support needs
  • meet the specialist disability accommodation needs requirement and the NDIS funding criteria

Why Choose Us

Finding the right carer for you or your family member starts with an experiences team of highly qualified people. GHAF staff are carefully selected and screened to ensure that clients only receive the most professional, caring, and skilled care.

Our Approach to Disability and Support

Experienced and specifically trained staff: Our carers are qualified and receive specific, ongoing disability support training to constantly update their skills, ensuring they meet the needs of each and every client.

Tailored individual support: We provide professional, quality care to meet the needs of each individual. We will work with you to ensure we create a tailored support plan that meets your needs.

Choice of caregivers: We endeavour to match our experienced in-home carers and nurses to specific clients’ requests and needs, i.e. gender/ religion/ language/ sexuality/ experience, etc.

Support designed to acheive your goals: We appreciate the individual nature of living with a disability; this drives us to ensure our disability services empower you or your loved one to pursue your goals.

Responsive: We have an experienced team of Case Managers and Client Service Coordinators to support your individualised care plan and assist with all your queries and changing needs.