Financial Aid to Unemployed

Financial Aid to Unemployed

Financial Aid to Unemployed

Global Humanitarian Aid Foundation (GHAF) can give financial aid to unemployed individuals who cannot afford to buy life essentials like food, water, clothing, and medications or pay for shelter, healthcare, and other vital services. Through our means-tested financial assistance for unemployed Australians, individuals who have lost their jobs or cannot work due to unique circumstances will be able to get monthly shortfall grants and donations for one-off expenses. We offer financial aid for unemployed citizens because our goal is to help people get back on their feet. Whether individuals have recently been laid off, unable to find a job because of disability or illness, or cannot work because of domestic violence, persecution, discrimination, or harassment, GHAF can help them bear the weight of daily life expenses.

GHAF recognises, advocates, and defends the rights of individuals from all walks of life. No matter the race, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, language, religion, or any other status, everyone has the fundamental rights to life, food, shelter, health, and freedom. We respect, uphold, and protect these rights. We have endeavoured to provide financial aid for unemployed people. By leveraging our financial assistance program for unemployed individuals, people can live a more comfortable life; enjoy food, water, clothing, and shelter; acquire proper healthcare and medications, and gain access to vital services. While finances can only last for so long, we hope that our kindness will allow people who are unemployed to overcome their challenges and live happier, fuller, healthier, and more meaningful lives.

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Who Can Request Financial Aid?

The GHAF financial assistance program for unemployed individuals can be requested by people who are –

  • Unjustly laid off from work and need finances to pay for legal fees
  • Neglected or abandoned by loved ones because they cannot find a job
  • Suffering from domestic violence so are prohibited from gaining employment
  • Unable to work because their disability or illness prevents them from doing so
  • Lacking the finances to support their families because of unemployment
  • Finding it difficult to find a job because they lack the education or skills required
  • Living with loved ones with a disability or illness who cannot help in providing support for daily needs
  • Victims of natural disasters, accidents, fires, and other unique circumstances
  • Newly arrived refugees with language barriers who are experiencing discrimination and harassment
  • Requiring medical assistance or allied health services without the finances because of unemployment

Are you unemployed or do you know people who are and need financial aid because of the abovementioned situations? Reach out to us.

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How Can Unemployed Individuals Request Financial Aid?

Unemployed individuals can request financial aid from GHAF by undergoing our comprehensive screening process. Through a deliberate and systemised approach, our highly trained and experienced support staff will collect and analyse all pertinent information about the concerned individual. At the same time, we may coordinate with local councils, law enforcement, government departments, and other organisations to gather all the necessary information. Screening interviews will also be conducted by our fully qualified support staff. Rest assured, our screening process will be done discreetly and carefully to make sure that the rights of all individuals concerned are respected, upheld, and protected.

Our team will reach out to individuals directly once the screening process is completed to inform them if they qualified or not. If the unemployed individuals qualify, we will meet with them to discuss the amount and arrange the logistics of providing the financial aid. For monthly shortfall grants, initial aid will be given as soon as possible while succeeding ones will be scheduled for release in monthly intervals. The length of time for the grants will also be discussed during the first meeting. The need for extensions, postponements, or cancellations will be discussed with the unemployed individual within the duration of the grant. Donations for one-off expenses will be provided at the earliest convenience for all parties concerned.

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