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Refugee Settlement Programs Australia

Refugee Settlement Programs in Australia

Global Humanitarian Aid Foundation (GHAF) provides refugee settlement programs in Australia for people looking for a new home. Our services are made available for individuals and families who need a safe and comfortable place to live but do not have the finances or opportunities to find one for themselves. GHAF offers quality living accommodations for newly arrived refugees in Australia and victims of domestic violence as well as displaced individuals and underprivileged families experiencing situations of disadvantage. Whether their disadvantage is caused by poverty, unemployment, bankruptcy, neglect, abandonment, disability, illness, persecution, discrimination, harassment, natural disaster, or accident, GHAF can help people find the ideal home for them to live in.

Here at GHAF, we respect, uphold, and protect the rights of all individuals. Everyone from asylum-seekers and displaced individuals to people suffering from domestic violence to impoverished families have the fundamental right to proper shelter along with their rights to life, food, health, education, protection, and freedom of choice. Regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, sexual orientation, or any other status, these inalienable rights should be provided. Through the provision of our new settlement support services, displaced individuals and families will have the means to live in a safe and comfortable home. By providing support for new settlement, individuals and families experiencing situations of disadvantage will have a new and better place to call their home.

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Who Can Apply For Our New Settlement Support Services?

Our new settlement support services are provided for individuals and families who are –

  • Newly arrived refugees with language barriers, unfamiliar with the country, and experiencing discrimination and harassment
  • Asylum-seekers forced to flee their country because of persecution, war, or violence and arrived in Australia with no place to live
  • Suffering from domestic violence and needing a safer home environment away from their abusers
  • Neglected, deprived, or abandoned by their partners, parents, families, or carers and left without a home
  • Experiencing homelessness due to poverty, unemployment, bankruptcy, accident, or other unfortunate circumstances
  • Living without a home because of natural disasters, accidents, fires, and other unique circumstances
  • Separated from their partners, parents, and families without the means to pay for proper living accommodations
  • Unable to find or gain employment, access to loans and other financial services, or options to make payments for a new home
  • Dealing with a disability or suffering from an illness without the financial means to pay for proper living accommodations
  • Living with other individuals with a disability or illness who cannot help in providing finances for a new home

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How Can People Apply For Our New Settlement Support Services?

An extensive screening process will be done for people to apply for our new settlement support services. Whether they are newly arrived refugees in Australia, victims of domestic violence, or displaced individuals and underprivileged families experiencing situations of disadvantage, all relevant information about the concerned individuals will be gathered and analysed by our highly trained and experienced support staff. Our team may also coordinate with pertinent government agencies and departments, local councils, law enforcement, and other organisations to collect all the essential data. Screening interviews will also be conducted by our fully qualified support staff. Our screening process will be done discreetly and carefully to ensure that we respect, uphold, and protect the rights of all individuals concerned.

Once the screening process is completed and the individuals qualify, our team will contact them directly. We will meet with them to discuss the potential living accommodations and arrangements. Unique circumstances that may necessitate the postponement or discontinuation of the new settlement services will be discussed with the individuals.

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